Soapmaker Beat Urech founder


    Soap Opera – curtain up on natural soaps! At the beginning there is the caustic soda. Solid fats (coke oil, cocoa butter and shea butter) are melted in the soap kettle and liquid base oils such as sunflower oil are weighed. The more valuable essential oils and other natural ingredients (herbs, wood, spices) are carefully prepared for further processing. The base oils and now liquid fats are mixed until the much-cited soapy marriage takes place at exactly 40 degrees Celsius with the addition of the lye - congratulations!

    The soap maker Beat Urech - at home in Arosa, at home in the world - understands something about the miracle process of soap production, because as a trained druggist he was familiar with glycerin, lye and essential oils very early on. The result is real Arosa natural soaps - for face, body, hands, hair and soul. The natural soap manufactory is completely family-owned. Elisabeth takes care of the manufacture and shipping of the soaps, Armin is there to help with technical questions and Beat, as the core of the soap making shop, manages the production and is responsible for the entire development.

    100% handmade, 100% natural soaps, 100% love | Handmade in Arosa, Switzerland