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RMS Beauty Founder Rose-Marie Swift has been a makeup artist for over 35 years. Her portfolio includes the famous faces of Gisele Bunchen, Miranda Kerr, Tilda Swinton, Demi Moore, Sophia Coppola, Celine Dion, Gretchen Moll and Isabel Rossalini.

A few years ago, Rose-Marie began to have health problems. She learned that her blood contained toxic heavy metals such as aluminum, barium, cadmium, lead, and mercury, as well as high levels of pesticides and other chemicals. Until then, she had no idea that cosmetics could contribute to serious health problems. After years of rebuilding her own health, Rose-Marie decided she wanted to help other women claim their right to healthy beauty. To achieve this goal, she founded RMS Beauty.

RMS Beauty-Products are based on mostly organically grown ingredients of the highest quality. They are processed in their natural form so that their nourishing and healing properties can penetrate and rejuvenate the skin. In their purest form, enzymes, vitamins and antioxidants are fully preserved. All RMS Beauty-Products are free from harmful chemicals, synthetic preservatives, synthetic vitamins and genetically modified (GMO) ingredients. Whether foundation, eyelights, concealer, luminizer, mascara or bronzer, every ingredient of the RMS Beauty Natural cosmetics are carefully selected to create a nurturing dialogue with the skin. Their application activates the life force of the product and nutrients penetrate the skin to promote hydration, softness and luminosity.

Colors can be mixed to create a personal palette depending on your mood. Mixing with RMS Beauty is wonderfully easy, even for those who have previously been intimidated by makeup. You will experience a revolutionary simplicity that conjures up a magical make-up in just a few minutes.