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    Beauty should be simple.

    As a makeup artist and stylist with over 25 years of experience in the international film industry, Paola LaMorticella knows what skin care is. But the key experience for you was seeing how the conventional creams severely irritated the sensitive skin of your young son. She felt she had to do something about it. Paola created her own balm to naturally nourish and soothe her son's skin. The principle was simple: only use beneficial and nourishing elements and remove all non-essential ingredients.

    The resulting formula healed her son's skin and so were Balm No.1 and OLIO E OSSO geboren. Today is OLIO E OSSO grown into a full line of balms and skin care products that naturally support the skin to keep it clean, strong and beautiful as it is supposed to be. The balms are very versatile and can care for and nourish dry areas all over the body. They are now available in many color nuances. They refresh lips and cheeks and add a touch of color. 

    Our OLIO E OSSO-Team includes a wide variety of dedicated women - daughters, mothers, students and friends from all over the world. Our products are handcrafted in small batches in Portland, Oregon. the OLIO E OSSO Balms use a purely natural base of nourishing olive and shea oils that are refined with natural beeswax and essential grapefruit oil.