Fair Squared the original - sustainable intimate hygiene



    Fair Squared means "Fair to the power of two" and stands for quality products and traceable production processes. Fair Squared Specifically means that an additional price is paid for the ingredients from poor regions of the world, which is used to improve the living and working conditions of the producers, plantation workers, small farmers and their families on site. Fair Squared  stands for one fair treatment of all those involved in the production process - humane working conditions, ecologically sustainable business practices and renouncing animal experiments and child labor.

    Fair Squared  is an alternative trade organization with the aim of reducing the imbalance in global trade. Our company idea comes from the Oxfam campaign “Make poverty history” from 2005. In 2010 the first Fair Squared  Products distributed in England through OXFAM and Amnesty International. Products from the very beginning were condoms, hand creams and lip care.

    In 2013 the company moved to Cologne and from then on operated as Fair Squared  GmbH and relocated its production to the German part of the Eifel Nature Park. The shares of the company are family-owned and neither a group nor a financial investor is in the Fair Squared involved directly or indirectly. Thanks to the continuous demand from our customers, the number of fair trade ingredients from olive oil from Palestine, almond oil from Pakistan, shea butter from Ghana and rubber from India has now been expanded to more than 15 partners.

    "With our products we want to change something and contribute to a fair, environmentally conscious and sustainable future."