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    Monique Foy says: A tongue cleaner changed my life. The founder of Cosmic Dealer / A Tongue Cleaner Changed My Life started cleaning your tongue over 10 years ago and has not missed a day since. There are hundreds of tiny depressions along the surface of the tongue that bacteria hide in. These bacteria feed on food debris and dead cells. Removing this layer with a tongue cleaner is a fundamental step in supporting the body's natural detoxification processes. Cleansing the tongue is an ancient detox ritual that has its roots in Indian Ayurveda.

    For me, cleaning my tongue every day ended up being the catalyst that helped me quit sugar, get far less sick, and ultimately prioritize my health. It is often these tiny changes that lead to big changes in life 🙂

    Our tongue cleaner was designed in Paris, the capital of design, and is made in India, the Ayurveda center of the world. The tongue cleaner made from 100% copper is our first product, others will follow. We are modern women who are curious about ancient health rituals. We're looking for niche wellness products that actually work. We are skeptics, Label- Readers and research nerds with a relentless curiosity. Stay tuned.

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