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    Small but nice, Beuti Skincare stands for skin care for sensitive skin. Chemical-free but full of proven ingredients that deliver results. Leila Aalam is the founder of Von Beuti Skincare. As a trained beautician, she was always on the lookout for healthy, high-quality skin care. After a severe allergic reaction caused by a luxury eye cream, Leila began developing skin care products herself. She set herself the goal of creating a luxurious line of skin care products that should also take care of sensitive skin.

    In 2015 the time had come for Beauty Sleep Elixir to kick off Beuti Skincare in appearance. The natural blend of 14 high quality oils from pomegranate seeds, strawberry seeds, cranberry, sea buckthorn, raspberry seeds, chia seeds or camellia seeds was an instant success and enjoys a large and prominent following. Emma Watson, Rita Ora and even Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle from the British royal family are among the fans. Beauty Sleep Elixir enjoys cult status on Credobeauty, the Green Beauty Mecca in the USA. It is best to test it yourself.

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