Banner WA:IT Founder Raffaella Grisa


WA:IT was founded by Raffaella Grisa. As an advocate of a mindful beauty culture, she has WA:IT created a brand that reflects her philosophy of life and principles that she found on her travels around the world and in encounters with different cultures. As a long-time commuter between Italy and the Far East, she has dealt intensively with the different values, traditions and a holistic view of life.

With WA:IT she hopes to share a philosophy. Namely, to appreciate the present moment, to take care of yourself and to become aware of that self. Instead of being distracted from real life by the flow of urgent and important plans and mechanically executed tasks. The name WA:IT represents a combination of these contents ... WA (the old name of Japan, but also Harmonie) to IT, which is the prefix of Italy. At the same time can WA:IT can be read in the English meaning of "waiting". Decelerate, become aware of yourself and give time only to yourself.

"WA:IT is a symbiosis of two cultures - the Japanese and the Italian. An embodiment of the duality of beauty where the perception may be different but the appreciation and meaning are the same. " Raffaella Grisa