Kure Bazaar Founder Kartika

Kure Bazaar


    Kure Bazaar was founded by Kartika Luyet and Christian David, the founder of the perfume brand Honoré des Prés. Like many other women before her, Kartika began to consume more consciously during her pregnancy. She missed longevity and great, shiny colors with the natural nail polish brands of the time.

    She began to deal intensively with the topic, learned from experts, teamed up with a renowned cosmetics laboratory and founded her own brand! The goal was to develop an alternative that was as natural as possible, but which should have exactly the same color brilliance, resilience and the same great shine as high-quality conventional nail polish brands. Inspired by the trends on the streets of Paris and created with up to 90% natural-based ingredients Kure Bazaar since then wonderfully trendy colors that embody a very unique Parisian style.

    Extraordinarily beautiful colors - that's what women want!