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      BYBI Beauty: Everything is included Clean Beauty Co started being a leading natural cosmetics blog in the UK. Elsie and Dominika founded the platform in 2015. Their goal was to take a close look at mainstream cosmetic products and their ingredients. They started teaching each other how to Labels reads and what they mean and started developing formulas for skin, hair and body products. Today the two BYBI founders are recognized as thought leaders and innovators for natural beauty. What started as a passionate project in their kitchen has grown to become the UK's # 1 natural beauty blog. 

      3 years later they were trained cosmetics developers, had published a book about clean beauty, and launched their own skin care brand BYBI Beauty.

      BYBI stands for By Beauty Insiders. "We consistently apply what we've learned over the past few years and make skin care products that really work and are beneficial to the skin. Our BYBI beauty products care for, moisturize and renew with ultra-effective ingredients. Only first-class ingredients that are 100% natural, vegan and cruelty-free are used in our products. "