Ingo Isabettini and Marcus Röber are the faces behind OAK Natural Beard Care. In 2012, both were thinking about their future. Both became fathers, quit their jobs and had the longest beards of their lives. The idea of ​​building something of your own became more concrete. Beard Grooming was still in its infancy at the timeSo it was an exciting project and at the same time you could do something useful for your own beards. OAK Natural Beard Care was born. OAK stands for naturalness, strength, durability and reliability. 

      The OAK beard care products now come from all over Germany. It is largely made by hand in family businesses. Every OAK product is revolutionary in its own way, either it is a completely new development on the market or it is very different in application and effect from existing products with a similar focus. There is a lot of passion and time in OAK - handpicked ingredients and materials, a timeless and at the same time unique design and careful handling of the fragrances used.

      Due to the close cooperation with established natural cosmetics certifiers, attention is not only paid to ingredients and their impact on people and nature at the time of development, but also OAK beard care products that are already on the market are regularly checked on the basis of current research results.