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My name is Nicola Dickinson and I am the owner of Fresh Therapies in Hampshire, UK. I am a wife, mother, grandmother and beauty therapist. There is nothing I like doing better than using and working with natural skin care products. After working in several beauty salons, I finally decided to start my own business. I didn't like the way the salons were run. Too much emphasis was placed on sales and too little on customers. That's how I got into the world of natural and organic skin care.

A few years later, I set myself the goal of offering a manicure that was as chemical-free as possible. I also needed a natural nail polish remover for this. Unfortunately, my search on the market was unsuccessful and so I decided to bring my own product onto the market. And so it became Fresh Therapies born.

My vision for Fresh Therapies is to offer an all-natural hand and nail care line that is full of the wonderful ingredients that Mother Nature has to offer us. I have come closer to this goal with a completely natural nail polish remover that works without any chemicals. All of my products are produced locally and no ingredient or end product is tested on animals.

Fresh Therapies is the only natural nail polish remover in England to have been awarded the Leaping Bunny Seal.