Niche perfumes & niche fragrances


    Niche perfumes as an expression of your uniqueness

    A niche perfume is an exclusive fragrance that exudes an unusual magic. The unique aroma of niche perfumes is made for the discerning perfume lover. For all those who are looking for a special fragrance composition outside the mainstream and prefer natural, unique fragrances. Unlike conventional perfumes, natural cosmetic niche fragrances are free of synthetic fragrances and harmful alcohols. These niche perfumes are made in small factories by passionate perfumers. 

    Express your individuality with a niche perfume for women or men. A unique fragrance shall Part of your charisma and identity - with perfumes from selected brands, you show your personality and leave a lasting impression. Many of our sophisticated perfumes are formulated as unisex scents, but there are of course also scents that are more trendy for women or men. 

    Your exclusive fragrance for a lasting impression

    Niche fragrances stand out through unusual compositions and unique character. They are bolder in composition and the selection of ingredients is high quality and extravagant. A niche fragrance often contains rare ingredients and creates a unique scent experience. The perfumers who design such fragrances do not follow market trends, but rather plunge into creative and sensual adventures. Whether oud, fir balsam, tonka bean, jasmine, iris, cedar wood, amber or heliotrope - master perfumers from Paris create extraordinary fragrance experiences with the finest essences. Elegant, feminine niche perfumes for women, expressive, powerful notes for men or modern unisex fragrances, high-quality ingredients make these niche fragrances real experiences. 

    Niche fragrances – works of art outside the mainstream

    Each niche fragrance is a unique work of art outside the mainstream - vibrant, sensual, daring, romantic or wild. Visionary fragrance compositions and creative freedom are the focus of every bottle, because there is no interest in a trend - what is important is the highest quality, maximum individuality and exclusivity. And when top notes, heart notes and base notes combine to form a perfectly balanced whole, fragrances acquire this very special power. The power that makes your personality and charisma unforgettable.

    Eau de Parfum, Eau de Toilette or Perfume Oil - do you know the difference?

    A perfume consists of alcohol, water and essential oils (or even synthetic fragrances). The difference between eau de parfum and eau de toilette lies in the concentration of fragrance oils.

    1. The proportion of essential oils in an Eau de Parfum is between 8 and 15%. If an Eau de Parfum contains the additive "Intense", the fragrance oil concentration is up to 20 percent. A perfume extrait refers to a 15 to 30% concentration of the fragrance composition. The high concentration is the reason why a niche Eau de Parfum fragrance lasts a long time and can be used sparingly.

    2. Eau de toilette is a scented water with a perfume oil content of 6 - 9%. Eaux de toilette tend to be fresh and light and can therefore be applied more liberally to the body. The name Eau de Toilette has to do with the use of scented water in the Middle Ages. At that time it was used for body care as well as for cleaning. Cloths called "toile" in French were used for this. The word "Eau" means "water" and that's where Eau de Toilette came from.

    3. An Eau de Cologne has the lowest fragrance oil concentration at 3 - 5% and is a very light, mostly fresh fragrance. The original recipe of the Eau de Cologne goes back to the pharmacist Johann Maria Farina, who created a light perfume in Cologne in the 18th century and thus produced the first cologne.

    4. In contrast, perfume oils do not contain alcohol. The essential fragrance oils are not combined with water and alcohol, but are embedded in one or more carrier oils. The concentration of the fragrance essences is high and since oils release the fragrance slowly, the fragrances are subtle and long-lasting. Without alcohol, perfume oils can also be a good alternative for sensitive skin.