Treu Abschminkpads Sweat & Sweat Ecru 10 St
Treu Abschminkpads Sweat & Sweat Ecru 10 St

Abschminkpads Sweat & Sweat Ecru

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Washable make-up removal pads made of soft organic sweat. The make-up removal pads from Treu are made in Germany and are extra large with a diameter of 8 cm.

In high-quality and carefully sewn make-up removal pads are great for removing eye make-up. Collect after use and simply wash in the laundry net in the washing machine and use again and again.

  • Color: ecru / wool white
  • Double-layered made of soft, brushed organic sweat.
  • The soft top of the sweat fabric is particularly suitable for cleaning the sensitive area around the eyes.
  • One side of the pad is enough for both eyes.
  • Diameter 8 cm
  • 1 pack = 10 pieces
  • Treu are made in Baden-Württemberg


  • The pads with Micellar water or Make-up remover moisturize. Then clean the face and remove make-up, including eye make-up.
  • Moistened pads can also be used to remove weight Cleansing oil or lotion be used. 
  • Just like you have done with normal cotton pads so far.


1. Make-up removal pad or make-up removal glove? Which type is right for me?

Make-up removal pad:
You have already found your perfect skin cleansing and care routine and just want to remove make-up from your eyes or apply a facial tonic, then we recommend our make-up removal pads.

Make-up removal glove:
If you want to change and / or simplify your skin cleansing and care routine, we recommend our make-up removal gloves. Because with it you can now clean your face and then remove your eye make-up. Two in one - faster, easier & more thorough - YaY!

It works with or without a cleaner (only with warm water).

2. Make-up removal pads Sweat | Sweat or with terrycloth?

sweater | sweater

To remove eye makeup:
If you like it to be particularly soft when removing eye make-up and / or if you have sensitive skin, then our Sweat | Sweat pads are particularly good.

When cleaning, simply use the products that you have used so far
Dry with cream - wet with cleaner or oil - whichever works best for you.

To apply micellar and facial tonic:
We recommend the colors ecru or rosewood, as these variants are the 'thinnest' and do not absorb too much toner unnecessarily.

Sweat | Terrycloth

To remove eye makeup:
You like to emphasize your eyes a little more - or less. Then we recommend the Sweat | Terrycloth pads. Thanks to the 2 different sides, you always have the right pad at hand.
Because with heavier make-up, the small, soft loops of the terry cloth can hold more make-up and thus clean more intensively. The leftovers can then be removed very gently with the soft sweat.

When cleaning, simply use the products that you have used up to now.
Dry with cream - wet with cleaner or oil - whichever works best for you.

3. Can nail polish be removed with the make-up removal pads?

The make-up removal pads are unfortunately not suitable for removing nail polish. Even if they can be washed at 60 ° C, the nail polish cannot be removed from the fabric. After approx. 3-5 applications, every point of the pad is covered with nail polish and can therefore no longer absorb any more lacquer.
In this case, we recommend using normal cotton pads.

4. Are there any make-up and / or mascara residues after washing?

First of all: You can wash the make-up removal pads and gloves at 60 ° C. This kills all bacteria and germs. Whether residues remain depends on how hot the pads / make-up removal gloves are washed.

5. Which product is founder Katrin's favorite?

Clearly the wash mitt :). As a child, I was very reluctant to wash my face with the washcloth - no idea why. But now that has changed, because our make-up removal gloves only have something to do with a washcloth to a limited extent. Here are a few reasons why I like them soooo much:

  • For the evening make-up removal routine, I now only need 2 products - our make-up removal glove and a make-up removal oil. No face brush with soap - no extra eye make-up remover - no cream for afterwards, because the oil does not dry out the skin but nourishes it - no tension, no dryness - YaY! And not to forget, no more towels to dry your face alias no more towels with unsightly mascara residues :).
  • The fleece is soft on both sides and the terry cloth has two layers, so the make-up removal glove can be used outside and inside - 1, 2 or even 3 times, depending on how much make-up you wear.
  • Better and easier cleaning because the fingers lie flat in the glove - with circular movements and a larger contact surface, the face can be cleaned easily and more precisely. Especially when removing eye make-up, you can now use your index finger to clean the lower eyelid in a targeted and extremely precise manner.
  • The fabrics used are made of 100% organic cotton, the ecru color, the most environmentally friendly, as it is not bleached or dyed.

Materials & care

  • Sweat material: 100% organic cotton (kbA, certified)
  • The organic cotton is grown in Turkey and processed in Portugal.
  • Care:
  • Machine wash to 60 °
  • After washing, pull the pads into shape and let them air dry
  • do not bleach
  • do not tumble dry
  • iron over medium heat
  • do not dry clean
  • Note:
  • Collect the make-up removal pads and wash them in a laundry net so that the little cuties don't fall victim to the mysterious loss of washing machines.

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