The Leaf Razor Mercury
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The Leaf Razor Mercury Kit
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The Leaf Razor Mercury

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There's no razor like the Leaf.

The beautiful unisex all-metal razor from Leaf Shave is unique. The innovative design with an integrated pivoting head and up to three blades shaves the body perfectly from head to toe. The difference is noticeable in the results, and you'll wonder why you didn't switch sooner?

What distinguishes him?

  • The variable number of blades used (you decide if you want to use 1, 2 or 3 blades), the unique pivoting head and a perfectly balanced zinc and stainless steel handle.
  • A long, balanced handle provides control. And when you need extra support, slide on the silicone sleeve for added support. As soon as you hold it in your hand you will feel the difference.
  • The razor can be used with traditional double edge blades that are broken in 2 halves or single edge blades. Depending on how many blades you choose and where you position them, you can determine the strength of the shave.
  • The Leaf's multi-blade design is gentle, customizable, and efficient. Many users report faster shaving times and safer and better shaves than with traditional razors. Easy to use, the Leaf Razor covers a large area very efficiently.
  • 10 half razor blades (single edge) are included to get you started. We recommend testing razor blades from different manufacturers to find the personal favorite that shaves the individual hair length, thickness and density best.

Your old shaver will seem like a toy to you after you change it. Congratulations on the last razor you will ever buy!

    Adam & Adam Founder: "There's no plastic razor, or safety razor out there that's like a Leaf Shave. And we're only just beginning. We'll stop when every person has ditched disposable plastics for their shave."

    • smooth, efficient and close shave with less Skin irritation
    • high-quality, elegant, plastic-free and sustainable, more cost-effective in the long run than multi-blade plastic razors
    • Quality that lasts
    • sophisticated construction with pivoting head and 3 blades, iIndividually adaptable due to a variable number of blades

    Matte (Black & Silver) finishes are softer and will show signs of wear over time; Rose Gold may develop a patina over time; Glossy colors like Mercury, Gold, Chrome, Prism and Berryblue are very durable.



    • Inform first: Before using your Leaf shaver, please read these instructions. If you have any questions about changing the blade, using or caring for your razor, please contact us at before use. 
    • Inserting the blade(s) into the shaver:
    • Break a traditional double-edge razor blade in half inside the protective paper.
    • Take the two half blades out of the paper and insert the desired number of blades into the razor. To do this, loosen the screw on the back of the headboard.
    • You can now decide how many blades you put in which position. The top position is the softest position and the bottom position is the sharpest position. You can adapt the razor to your own needs.
    • After the blades have been inserted, screw the screw at the back of the head back in. (do not over-rev) 
    • Enjoy the shave:
    • Don't apply extra pressure, just let the weight of the razor do the work (don't push too hard!). If the razor is too aggressive, remove the bottom blade to slow down the shave. Rinse the shaver frequently with warm water - the shaver and skin should always be damp. Feel your skin to find spots you may have missed and go over them again. For even more thorough results, repeat the process by shaving against the natural direction of hair growth
    • Aggressiveness of the shave from super gentle to extremely aggressive:
    • top position (1 blade)
    • middle position (1 blade)
    • top position, middle position (2 blades)
    • lowest position (1 blade)
    • middle position, lowest position (2 blades)
    • top position, middle position, bottom position (3 blades)

    take your time 

    • Take your time

      Instead of trying to shave as soon as possible, treat shaving as a little self-care ritual. How about a nice hot shower, a soothing body scrub, and then a methodical, careful shave to ensure you don't miss a thing. 

      • Shower and exfoliate

        For the best shave, make sure your skin is warm, clean and preferably freshly exfoliated. After a thorough peeling in the shower, shaving is super easy.

        • Apply shaving oil or soap

        Depending on personal preference, use shaving oil or soap and lather the skin well. It is advisable to only lather the area that is intended for shaving - step by step, so to speak. If you use shaving oil, it is best to wash your hands briefly with soap so that you have a good grip. 

        • Do not exert any pressure

        The razors are made of solid brass and have a nice dead weight. Let the razor glide over the skin without applying additional pressure. A good rule of thumb is to position the razor at an angle of about 30 degrees.

        • Shave with or against the hair growth?

        What works for many:
        - Legs: The skin on the legs is not particularly sensitive and shaving against hair growth is not a problem. With one pass everything is usually thoroughly shaved.
        - Armpits: first with the hair growth, then pull the skin taut and a second pass against the hair growth, but without applying pressure.
        - Bikini zone: First with the hair growth, then again more across the hair growth than against it and of course the whole thing without any additional pressure.

        • Keep the razor blade clean

        After a few passes, rinse the razor head. It is best to hold the razor head and loosen it half a turn. Then clean the razor head of deposits (hair, skin, oil, grease, etc.) under the tap or in a small bowl of water. Keeping the blade clean and sharp is important to avoid skin irritation.

        • Keep the blade sharp

        A sharp razor blade is key to avoiding irritation and ingrown hairs. It is best to change the blade after three to four shaves. The costs for the blades are low, so that frequent replacement is possible. Collect the used blades in a small can and dispose of them. 



        Dimensions The Leaf Razor: approx. 15cm long
        Weight The Leaf Razor: approx. 82g
        Material: zinc alloy and stainless steel
        Colour: Mercury (shiny, very dark grey)

        Care: Rinse the shaver thoroughly under running water after each use. At regular intervals, for example when changing the blade, clean the bladeless razor under clear water.

        Matte (Black & Silver) finishes are softer and will show signs of wear over time; Rose Gold may develop a patina over time; Glossy colors like Mercury, Gold, Chrome, Prism and Berryblue are very durable.

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        Customer Reviews

        Based on 2 reviews
        Antonio S.
        Terrible shopping experience at Blanda Beauty, don't buy anything from them.

        The Leaf razor gives you an extremely rough and bad shave as the uneven alignment of the blades makes it completely useless.
        But even worse is the customer service Blanda Beauty, he's just painful and terrible.
        It took them more than a week to reply to my emails asking to return the product. The Commerce Act grants the right to return the product within the first 14 days, no questions asked, and they are obliged to accept it, but they refuse to accept it.
        So before you buy anything from them, keep in mind that if you don't like the product or it just doesn't suit your needs, there's a very good chance you won't get your money back.
        The Leaf razor gives you an extremely rough and bad shave, due to the uneven alignment of the blades making it completely useless.
        But even worse is the customer service Blanda Beauty, it is just painful and horrible.
        They took more than a week to answer my emails asking to return the product, the law of commerce grants the right to return the product within the first 14 days without questions and they are obliged to accept it, but they refuse to admit it.
        So before buying anything from them, keep in mind that in case you don't like the product or just it doesn't fit your needs, it's quite likely that you might not get your money back.

        Dear Antonio, we are very sorry that you are not satisfied with either the shaver or our service. We had already had email contact a couple of times and on the one hand gave tips and advice for the razor and on the other hand pointed out that we could no longer take back hygiene items that had already been used. Unused items will be taken back by us without hesitation. Unfortunately, this is not possible for articles that have already been used. Nevertheless, we wanted to accommodate you and offered you a small voucher for your next order, which you unfortunately declined. It's a pity that you didn't get to grips with the shaver yourself, as the Leaf shaving generally receives very good feedback. The switch takes some getting used to, but usually succeeds after a short period of getting used to it. Best regards, Blanda Beauty

        Maximilian G
        The razor

        The headline sounds bold, but it is by no means exaggerated.
        Both in the sole test and in direct comparison with an 0815 system shaver, the model performs worlds better, and in my case with only two blades (top and middle, i.e. not even set to "maximum power").
        The shave takes place without the hassle of tugging and traveling, the result is much cleaner, you don't have to constantly wash out the razor because the hair got caught between the blades and best of all - the extremely sharp blades don't get razor bumps.
        The fact that the razor is made of full metal and feels and looks of much higher quality and that you can save a lot of money should not be ignored either.
        All in all - if you don't have it, you missed something ;)

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