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Wild Collagen 200 g

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Natural nutritional supplement made from wild marine collagen. Provides strength and stability to the structural protein matrix in skin, bones, tendons and cartilage.

The wild collage of Ancient & Brave is sustainably sourced from wild whitefish found in the icy waters of the North Atlantic. It provides easily digestible, highly bioavailable hydrolyzed Type I collagen peptides.

  • highly bioavailable type 1 collagen peptides with a neutral smell and taste
  • Top quality from wild caught fish
  • Key nutrients involved in cellular collagen renewal for an active lifestyle and anti-aging routine
  • Collagen contributes to the normal function of skin, joints, bones and cartilage, nourishes and hydrates the body and skin from within
  • excellent source of protein and nutrients to support fasting strategies
  • Glass jar with approx. 40 servings (5000mg collagen per 5g serving)

With its neutral taste, it dissolves easily in hot or cold drinks and is perfect for drinkingtreuen of food. An easy-to-use supplement to increase the body's supply of collagen.

Loss of collagen is a natural part of the aging process, which begins after the age of 30 and increases with age. Our hydrolyzed collagen peptides are sized (under 5000DA) for maximum absorption and efficient integration into target cells.

Wild Collagen is sustainably sourced from the skin of wild-caught whitefish from the frigid waters of the North Atlantic.



  • Consume 5 to 10 g of wild collagen daily. It's incredibly versatile and can be added to any hot or cold drink or food of your choice, from your morning coffee or smoothie to soups and overnight oats.
  • To truly nourish skin from within, we recommend 5g daily for normal skin types.
  • Increase to 10g or more to support hormonal acne, dehydrated or prematurely aging skin.
  • Wild Collagen should be taken long-term to unfold the full effect.
  • Not recommended for those with a fish or shellfish allergy or intolerance.


100% Hydrolyzed Marine Collagen (Fish).

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Collagen FAQ


Wild caught fish are more likely to have a better nutrient profile than farmed fish due to their natural diet and active lifestyle. Farmed fish are often fed grain or pellets and kept in small pens. This can mean they are at greater risk of disease and are therefore often treated with antibiotics and, in some cases, hormones. Our fish are wild-caught, hormone and antibiotic free, and sustainably sourced from the North Atlantic.


There are some key differences between marine collagen and bovine collagen, which are detailed in our journal article here. Ultimately, marine collagen and bovine collagen are equally effective - one is no better than the other, more a matter of dietary preference and quality. As long as the quality of the supplement is high, the source has no real impact on the benefits you receive.

One of the greatest benefits of marine collagen is its similarity to human collagen. Marine collagen bears a close resemblance to the amino acid profile of human collagen. The peptide molecules are also very small, meaning it may be efficiently absorbed and easily digested, which can be an important factor if you have absorption or digestive issues. From a dietary perspective, Wild Collagen is ideal for people on a pescitarian or halal diet.

While many studies claim that the main difference between marine collagen and bovine collagen is the type of collagen (e.g. type 1 or 3), our True Collagen (Bovine) contains only Type 1 peptides - just like our Wild Collagen (Marine). Importantly, type 1 collagen is the most common type in the body, which means that it is broken down by the body and is effective in healing and rebuilding tissues. Bovine collagen is also free of the 14 major allergens, making it a preferred choice for those with shellfish or fish allergies.


The simple answer is yes! While this does not mean that collagen is completely indestructible when exposed to heat, it is very stable. According to a study published in Biophysical Journal, the amount of heat it takes to destroy collagen isn't found in your kitchen. The collagen samples used in the study only started to degrade at 300 degrees Celsius - boiling water is only 100 degrees, so your hot drink shouldn't make any difference to the peptides.


Our True Collagen contains hydrolyzed collagen peptides, which are a more readily available and absorbable form of amino acids, making them easier for our bodies to use. Collagen occurs naturally as a very large, complex molecule made up of many long chains of polypeptides. The collagen molecule itself is far too large to be absorbed through the gut wall, so it must be broken down into smaller chains called peptides during digestion. Once absorbed, these peptides can contribute to collagen renewal in bones, skin, and connective tissues. Hydrolyzed" simply means that the long strands of protein are broken down into smaller "peptides" so we can absorb them more easily. This process is like a "pre-digestion" that makes the proteins more bioactive so we can easily ingest and absorb them in order to build important tissues.


We know that the body's ability to produce collagen begins to decline in your early 20's. From around the age of 40, collagen is likely to break down faster than our body can produce it. Therefore, it may make more sense to start taking collagen in your early 20s than to wait until you are older. But just because you're past 20 doesn't mean it's not worth taking now. Almost everyone can benefit from collagen, regardless of age or condition. If you are in the upper age group, i.e. over 45 years old, you should increase the daily amount of collagen.


Collagen production is closely linked to fluctuations in estrogen levels, and when estrogen falls, collagen production also falls. It is believed that up to 5% of skin collagen is lost during the first 30 years of menopause. However, supplementation with type 1 collagen peptides has been shown to stimulate natural collagen production and improve skin's elasticity, keep it hydrated and reduce lines and wrinkles. But collagen has a lot more to offer than just cosmetic benefits - from improved bone density (also a concern during menopause) to better joint health and cardiovascular benefits, it can help the body during such a significant one support change.


You should always consult with your doctor or midwife before taking any new dietary supplements while pregnant or breastfeeding. While there are no studies on pregnant women due to ethical issues with research, we are not aware of any contraindications for taking our products during pregnancy or breastfeeding and they should be well tolerated.


In short: no. Collagen can even be an important tool for maintaining a healthy weight. Collagen is a protein and has been scientifically proven to make you feel full longer. It has also been shown to boost metabolism by helping build lean muscle mass, which in turn helps the body burn calories more efficiently.


Gastric acid plays an important role in breaking down proteins, and yet hydrolyzed collagen peptides are unlikely to be digested in the stomach at all; they are instead absorbed in the small intestine. In the small intestine, enzymes work to break down chains of protein molecules called peptides into even shorter peptides and amino acids, which can then be absorbed into the bloodstream. The peptides and amino acids are added to the amino acid pool and stimulate the body to produce new collagen.


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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 3 reviews

    Wild Collagen 200 g

    taste is fishy

    Whoever wrote NEUTRAL TASTE on the packaging is either out of taste or lying. It has a very strong smell, I have trouble drinking it.


    very good

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