Safety Razor FAQ in German

  • What are the main differences? Can I just use the razor like a conventional multi-blade razor?
We recommend starting slowly to get used to the handling. These blades are sharper than many plastic razors, which is why we recommend a careful start. With even, light movements you can then shave as usual. And please plan enough time - don't rush.

If you have already shaved with plastic razors before, switching will not be a problem.
  • What is the best angle of attack for shaving? What is the best technique to use the razor?
In all honesty, although you may be a little intimidated at first, you are using the razor just like you are using your current razor. Hold the handle at an angle of no more than 30 degrees and let it slide gently over the skin. Our recommendation would be to hold the razor lightly on the skin without pressure and to shave long and evenly rather than fast, short and with firm pressure.
  • A zero-waste lifestyle and this razor seem to go well together. One of my only concerns is the blades inserting the razor. I'm afraid of cuts! What can I do?
You don't have to reassemble the shaver every time. Simply replace the blade every 5-7 shaves, similar to a traditional razor. After you've done it a few times, it's really a breeze. We recommend doing this with dry hands before showering. We also have instructions and a video on the website in case you are unsure.
  • Is there with that Well Kept Razor less skin irritation?
Absolutely! We think that with just one blade, there is almost no skin irritation.
  • Will the razor work as well as my other razor?
We would like to say yes 100%. We find the shave to be superior to any multi-blade razor we've used. The shave is smoother and lasts longer.
  • Do I have to use a special shaving soap?
No, no special shaving soap is required. You can use a shaving oil (my favorite!) Or a traditional soap.
  • How do you change the blade?
It's really easy to change the blade. It's only three parts. Unscrew the handle, take the blade head apart, insert the blade and screw it back together. The easiest way is to put all the parts on the countertop while you change them out. We recommend that you do not change in the shower but with dry hands. And of course be careful when handling the blade.

We have a video on how to change the blade on the website.
  • Where can you get new blades?
All standard single blades for safety razors can be used. The blades can be bought in drug stores, supermarkets or online. Or of course in our shop. Replacement blades for safety razors are much cheaper than typical Gillette and Venus cartridges! There are a number of different manufacturers who offer single blades. Our personal favorites are the blades from Astra.
  • Any tips on recycling the blades?
You will enjoy your razor for a very long time. Solid brass practically does not break. And absolutely no plastic is built into the razor. The only thing you have to do is collect the old blades and dispose of them. We recommend collecting all used blades in a small container and handing them in at your local recycling depot.
  • And how long do you use a blade?
We recommend changing the blade after 3 to 4 shaves. Basically, the sharper the blade, the easier and better the shave.
  • And what does the razor cost? I would love to start with that.
The acquisition costs for the razor are of course significantly higher, but since the blades are much cheaper, it doesn't take too long for the razor to pay for itself completely. In the long term, the razor is cheaper than razors with cartridges.
  • Can the razor be carried in my hand luggage when traveling by air?
We do not believe that razor blades can be carried in hand luggage. But you would have to look again in the current regulations. In an emergency, take the razor with you without blades and buy the blades at your destination.