Natural cosmetics self-tanners ensure a beautiful and natural-looking tan at any time of the year. Self tanning is the keyword - tanning without harmful UV rays. Natural tanning creams ensure a natural glow and a sun-kissed, youthful radiance. Due to high-quality, plant-based ingredients, they are very gentle on the skin, absorb quickly, provide moisture and nutrients and give a natural-looking, lasting tan. Anything from light to crunchy is possible. With tanning creams of different strengths or multiple applications, the tan can be individually dosed.

    The active ingredient DHA (dihydroxyacetone), a sugar that is often obtained from glycerine, is usually responsible for the tan. After application, DHA combines with proteins in the top layer of skin and thus ensures the desired glow. Note: If self-tanners with DHA are stored too long or too warm, harmful formaldehyde can form. As always, dose matters and a very small amount is safe, but to be on the safe side, self-tanners should always be stored in a dark, cool place and not used beyond the stated best before date. Some products also use the active ingredient erythrulose, which is a more stable variant of DHA.