Midi12 founder Aurélie Ribierre



    In the picturesque bay of La Baule on the west coast of France, MIDI12 was founded - a sun protection brand that meets the highest ecological standards. The founder, Aurélie Ribierre, decided to realize her own vision of responsible skin care after 15 years of working in large companies in the cosmetics industry.

    Aurélie believes that sun protection products should not only protect the skin, but also the environment. It therefore attaches great importance to the selection of its suppliers, the quality of the raw materials and the CO2 footprint of its products. Her goal was to create a brand that not only provides effective sun protection, but also follows ethical and environmentally friendly practices.

    MIDI12 sun protection products contain new generation chemical sun protection filters that protect the skin and the environment. The formulations are free of controversial ingredients such as endocrine disruptors, carcinogens and other harmful chemicals. The products are developed in collaboration with local actors and laboratories and manufactured in accordance with EU regulations without carrying out animal testing. The environmentally friendly formulations were designed to be compatible with the marine ecosystem. 

    MIDI12 embodies the vision of responsible skin care that takes the needs of the skin and the planet into account and sets standards for the sun care industry.

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