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The RAAW Kansa Wand
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The RAAW Kansa Wand

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The magical RAAW Kansa Wand for even and firm skin. A "natural face lift" that has been tried and tested for centuries.

  • The Kansa Wand is an ancient beauty tool that balances, detoxifies and firms the skin. A simple facial massage with the massage wand is an effective way to smooth and tighten the skin for a "natural face lift".
  • The magical Kansa Wand stimulates, revitalizes and plumps the skin, reduces fine lines, decongests the eyes, tightens the jawline and cheekbones, tightens the facial muscles and promotes collagen production.
  • A Kansa massage removes toxins and accumulated acids from the skin.

The Kansa massage also promotes the absorption of fresh oxygen into the skin, promotes a balanced complexion and makes your skin appear fresh and rejuvenated.

The Kansa Wand is not just for the face, it can be used for the whole body. In Ayurvedic teaching, the Kansa massage stimulates vital points on the body to release stagnant energy, which can help against insomnia, fatigue and cramps.

Happy Customer: "Wow. I already love this tool! It has made my skin so plump and glowing. And it's soooooo nice to massage with, I'm so addicted to massaging my forehead and frown lines." 



  • Use the Kansa stick as you like it best. Here are some recommendations to get you started:
  • 1. Use the stick to massage five times counterclockwise in a circle around the center of the forehead. Repeat the process five times clockwise.
  • 2. Draw a figure eight five times on the forehead. This calms the mind and emotions, stimulates memory, and improves concentration. It is also helpful for sinus headache relief.
  • 3. Massage the forehead five times with gentle pressure in a zigzag pattern.
  • 4. Clench your teeth so you can feel the jaw muscle. Massage this point with pressure in a circular motion. Repeat this five times.
  • 5. Circle the cheekbone five times with firm pressure.
  • 6. Under the cheekbones: massage up and down with firm pressure, moving the kansa stick from the corner of the mouth to the earlobe and back to the corner of the mouth.
  • 7. Move the wand down from the ear, along the jaw to the chin, and from the chin back along the jaw to the earlobe.
  • if pollutants leak through the massage, the skin can turn gray. This means that your skin is detoxified, the effect can easily be rinsed off with water.
  • Head Massage: You can also use it on the scalp, the entire head area, and the back of the neck for stress relief and relaxation.
  • Body massage: apply a little pressure to the tense shoulders, back or neck.
  • Foot massage: According to Ayurvedic teachings, feet contain many energy points that are connected to almost every part of the body. They connect us to the earth, give us stability and grounding and, in the truest sense of the word, carry the weight of the day. A foot massage with this wand will help you slide into a state of relaxation. The soft contour of the dome relaxes the entire foot and helps you feel light and energized. 
  • Care:
  • For daily maintenance, simply wipe the pen after each use or use soap and water on the metal part only.

Kansa Bar Application


Why can my skin turn gray when using the Kansa Wand?

The gray effect is a chemical reaction resulting from a high concentration of acid in the skin. This means that your skin releases the accumulated acid and the balancing effect begins. The gray is of course temporary, all you have to do is wash your face after use and then apply Blue Beauty Drops balancing facial oil or Drops of Gold rejuvenating facial oil to soothe and balance your skin. The Kansa Wand massage can last up to 10-15 minutes before your skin turns gray. Sometimes the skin does not turn grey, and this is typical when it is balanced and calm.

What is lymphatic drainage good for?

From a dermatologist's point of view: "Lymphatic drainage promotes the circulation of blood and fluids. The lymphatic system is considered to be the most important system in the body and the Kansa Wand is specifically designed to aid in lymphatic drainage. The area where lymphatic congestion is most noticeable What makes it noticeable is of course the skin Lymph nodes are all over the face - in front of the ears, along the jaw line, under the chin, around the cheeks - when toxins build up there, it usually causes breakouts, weakness, oil overload and swelling.

What do you mean by "acid in the skin"?

Kansa Wand helps detoxify and eliminate acid in the skin - the toxins in the lymphatic vessels are high in acid. When these toxins are released, the skin's PH level is balanced. Because of this, the skin turns gray.

How do I clean my Kansa Wand?

When using your Kansa Wand, we recommend washing it with a chemical-free soap and cleaning with a slightly damp cloth. Dry gently with a towel and use. Tea tree oil is an antiseptic and can act as a natural cleanser


    The RAAW Kansa Wand is a sacred facial tool that originated in India and has been used in Ayurveda for 5000 years.

    What is it made of?

    The metal is pure 'Kansa' and consists of 80% copper and 20% tin. The handle is made of teak.

    The History of Kansa

    Initially, the metal was only used in the kitchen as a cup to purify drinking water. It became a popular facial tool when it was discovered that when massaged against the skin, it heats up with numerous and amazing benefits. The surface of the metal can attract and neutralize acids in the skin and is used to balance the skin's pH, reduce swelling, increase blood circulation and promote oxygen flow at the skin's surface.

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