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    For over a century, Giesen & Forsthoff has stood for first-class products in the field of shaving, manicure and pedicure. The family-run company, now in the fourth generation, has been producing in Solingen since 1920 and has made a name for itself as a manufacturer of traditional Solingen steel goods. The hand-made razors and high-quality wet shaving products have treue customers found.

    Over the years, Giesen Forsthoff has steadily expanded its product range and now also offers specialised items for women's shaving and unisex shaving. The products are characterised by craftsmanship, the best materials and stylish designs. The combination of these elements guarantees the high quality that characterises a genuine Giesen Forsthoff brand product. 

    The ZOÈ Classic and New Edition product lines were developed especially for women. ZÓE combines quality, standards and sustainability in combination with a special premium feel. Matt gold, rose gold or matt black, the elegant razors are available in three finishes. All razor models are perfectly weighted and balanced to apply exactly the right pressure point. This means they gently remove the hair from the surface of the skin and offer a particularly safe shaving experience that causes virtually no skin irritation.

    1920 is the product line for men, named after the date of its founding. Experience from 100 years of company history in the field of shaving is combined with today's spirit of sustainable production. Beautiful to look at, the finest materials, design and function - the 1920 Premium Collection makes it possible: elegant designs, the highest quality workmanship - pure tradition from Giesen & Forsthoff.

    “For more than 100 years we have combined our finest craftsmanship with selected and noble materials to create high-quality products from Giesen & Forsthoff in Solingen.” Katharina Giesen, Managing Director in the 4th generation

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