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Und Gretel As an international make-up artist, founder Christina Roth has worked with many stars and personalities from film, fashion and advertisingtreut. In the course of her many years of activity, she was repeatedly confronted with the question of make-up with natural ingredients that meet the highest standards. Make-up products from the natural cosmetics sector have so far lacked intense colors, fine textures and long-term durability.

Convinced that these claims must be possible on the basis of natural ingredients, Christina Roth found the perfect partner in the marketing expert Stephanie Dettmann. Together they set themselves the goal of creating the most beautiful and multi-faceted colors, transforming them into luxurious BDIH-certified cosmetic formulations and textures - and using the highest quality ingredients that only nature itself can offer. Without synthetic preservation. Without chemical ingredients. Without compromises. With that was Und Gretel born.

And how! Great products like that Und Gretel Wint Mascara, the Lieth Foundation, the Ilge Powder or the Und Gretel Hold eye pencils were developed by Christina and team. All in all, a carefully coordinated range that focuses on the highest quality and includes all the products that are necessary for a complete make-up.

Und Gretel Cosmetics: First-class make-up with a sustainable soul - right in the heart of Berlin.