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    Laura Simonow is the founder and the face behind This Place Organics. Laura has been dealing with the positive effects of natural cosmetics on the body for a long time. “I deal with the positive effect of natural ingredients on the organism. There are plant substances in nature that can support us and our body. A large part of our knowledge from conventional medicine is basically based on nature. This simple realization inspired me to found This Place Organics". As a scientist, in the course of her research she came across CBD (cannabidiol), an ingredient from the hemp plant, and its diverse effects.

    The products from This Place stand for deceleration, mindfulness and well-being. Living in harmony with our bodies and pampering our skin and senses with powerful traditional and exotic plant extracts is the mantra of This Place. The finest vegetable oils from hazelnuts, babussa seeds, grape seeds or buriti seeds form the basis of the The Glow creams and facial oils. They are potentised with extracts of algae, blue tansy, bakuchiol or zinc and rounded off with CBD from hemp extract, which harmonizes and activates the body's self-healing powers. All This Place CBD Cosmetics products are designed to promise a holistic sense of well-being. The ingredients work naturally synergistically to bring out the maximum power of the botanicals. They are strictly quality checked and selected according to ethical and ecological aspects.

    With its functional natural cosmetics, This Place follows the approach of combining high-quality natural ingredients with the latest medical findings and creating synergies between individual active ingredients in order to improve well-being and health holistically. Laura Simonow: “Our care products embody passion for the healing powers of nature and respect for the complexity of the human body. Health and holism are not just words for us. We see it as a concept of life that considers physical, emotional and mental self-care as the most important components of health. Periodenpain, restless sleep, tense muscles and an unbalanced facial skin This Place can't magic it away, but we can make you feel more comfortable in your own skin!”