Natural facial soaps


    Are natural cosmetic soaps suitable for facial cleansing?

    Natural facial soaps gently cleanse and care with valuable ingredients. Balanced recipes use purely vegetable ingredients such as wheat germ oil, olive oil, sesame oil, cocoa butter or shea butter, all of which contain important antioxidants, vitamins and fatty acids. Sensitive facial skin in particular needs gentle, moisturizing cleansing. Facial soaps were frowned upon for a long time, because the mostly industrially manufactured soaps on offer often used inferior (animal) fats, chemical preservatives and an excessive amount of artificial fragrances.

    Natural cosmetic facial soaps for impure skin, sensitive skin or dry skin, which are produced using the cold saponification process, are qualitatively on a completely different level. Without exception, they contain natural ingredients including natural glycerin, which is produced during the saponification process. This kind of high quality natural soaps are perfect for facial cleansing. The basic pH value of the solid natural soaps causes the horny layer of the facial skin to swell slightly and promotes skin renewal and moisturizing. This protects the skin from drying out. Therefore: handcrafted natural soaps are perfect for facial cleansing - please try them out!