Hair mask & treatment


    Natural hair masks and hair treatments for shiny and supple hair

    What goes without saying in facial care, namely regularly one Intensive care we shouldn't withhold our hair. And this is where hair masks and hair treatments come into play. 

    Hair masks and hair treatments are rich care products that are applied to damp hair and massaged in after washing your hair. Thanks to their valuable ingredients, masks are able to repair and revitalize the internal and external hair structure. Natural cosmetic hair masks nourish with high-quality oils and herbal extracts and make the hair supple, smooth and soft. Our entire range of hair masks and hair treatments is free of silicones. Silicones can prevent care ingredients from penetrating the hair through deposits. By avoiding silicones in our natural cosmetic hair masks, we avoid residues remaining in the hair. This allows the active ingredients to penetrate the hair fiber better and the care effect is maximized.
    Especially with dry hair, but also curls that quickly lose moisture, it is important to use a hair mask or treatment at least once a week to provide the hair with sufficient moisture and thus prevent split ends and other damage. The scalp also receives an extra portion of care with hair masks. Moisture, minerals and nutrients are essential building blocks for a healthy scalp.

    The perfect natural cosmetic hair mask or hair treatment for your hair type

    When choosing the right product, you should pay particular attention to the natural ingredients, because dry, curly hair has different care needs than, for example, fine, straight hair.

    Light care for fine hair

    For fine hair, we recommend light, non-weighing ingredients that care for the hair and at the same time give it lightness. Panthenol improves hair elasticity and suppleness, while oat extract gently strengthens hair and adds shine. Light oils such as jojoba oil or argan oil can nourish the hair without weighing it down, while proteins from silk or wheat strengthen the hair structure. Aloe Vera moisturizes and can smooth the outer layer of hair, giving hair shine.

    Curly and wavy hair: moisture and definition

    For wavy and curly hair, hair masks are particularly effective if they contain ingredients that provide moisture, Reduce frizz, define curls and strengthen hair. Aloe vera and coconut oil are excellent moisturizers that also help reduce frizz. Rich oils such as coconut and avocado oil provide intensive hydration, soften the hair and define waves and curls. Shea butter improves hair elasticity and reduces hair breakage. Regularly using hair masks and hair treatments on curly and wavy hair also makes it easier to comb when it is towel-dried.

    Intensive moisturizing care for dry hair

    Hair treatments for dry hair should contain moisturizers such as glycerin, hyaluronic acid and aloe vera to intensively hydrate the hair. High-quality oils such as almond oil and jojoba oil deeply nourish the hair and restore its natural shine. Proteins such as keratin and wheat protein strengthen the hair structure and protect against further damage. Herbal extracts like chamomile and green tea can have soothing properties and revitalize hair.

    Special care for colored and bleached hair

    Colored and bleached hair requires special care to maintain the color intensity and prevent unwanted color loss or yellow tint. They are also usually a little more porous and drier than color-untreated hair. Natural hair masks with color pigments from plant extracts such as purple kaolin can help protect hair color. Buriti oil contains many antioxidants that can prevent hair color from fading.

    How to use natural cosmetics hair masks and hair treatments correctly

    In order for a natural hair treatment or hair mask to have the best possible effect, the hair is first washed out as normal with a mild natural shampoo. This opens the cuticle layer that surrounds the individual hair. Then gently squeeze the hair with your fingers to remove excess water so that the hair can better absorb the active ingredients. Gently massage in the natural hair treatment or intensive hair mask and leave it on for 5 to 15 minutes, depending on the instructions. For more intensive care, hair treatments or hair masks can be left on for several hours or overnight. Then wash out the hair treatment or hair mask thoroughly.

    Natural cosmetics hair masks and hair treatments: intensive care for healthy and shiny hair

    Hair masks and hair treatments from the Natural cosmetics offer intensive care for shiny and supple hair. Thanks to high-quality ingredients such as natural oils, plant extracts and proteins, they nourish the hair deeply and revitalize the hair structure. The absence of silicones allows the care ingredients to effectively penetrate the hair fiber and thus maximizes the care results. Dry, damaged hair in particular benefits from regular use of hair treatments to prevent moisture loss and avoid split ends. Choosing the right hair mask or hair treatment should be tailored to the individual needs of your hair type. When used correctly, natural cosmetics hair masks and hair treatments can help keep hair healthy and well-groomed.