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      The founder of Lola's Apothecary, Dominic Phillips, grew up on an idyllic farm in Devon. From an early age he was surrounded by the beauty of the British countryside. He climbed trees, fed lambs, swam in the River Taw and was always amazed at the many wonders of nature around him. Another defining part of his childhood was his first spa experience during a family holiday in Greece.

      With the desire to combine his passions for wellness and nature in a holistic vision, Dominic set out to develop a range of natural couture beauty products. Handcrafted by inspired artisans on his family estate in Devon. The beautifully designed products combine fine fragrances with effective natural skin care and bring the Raffinesse and the glamor of luxury cosmetics back into the realm of natural beauty. "With a passion for nature and with the power of the earth, we are very proud of our sustainably obtained small natural wonders in order to be able to offer holistic healing and luxurious benefits for your skin." Dominic Philpps, Founder.

      Lola's Apothecary was awarded by Positive Luxury with the Butterfly Label Awarded for their commitment to sustainability: clean ingredients, responsible sourcing, fair trade and traceability of all raw materials.