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Amaia and Silvia are the two founders of Lamixtura. Two skin care professionals with the ambition to create effective natural cosmetics that treat people and the environment with respect. As pharmacists, galenic experts, students of skin physiology and tireless analysts of cosmetic ingredients, we have dedicated our entire professional life to the science of skin care.

In our continuous search for effective cosmetic ingredients, it was shown again and again the same success factor: origin and naturalness! Passion fruit seed oil, acacia peptides, cork oak extracts ... the deeper we researched, the more we were convinced of the effectiveness of these valuable ingredients. The question arose between us, what if we incorporated the knowledge that we have gathered over the years in research and development into the formulation of natural cosmetic products?

Lamixtura was born! We are thorough. We researched, tested, and rated each of our ingredients until we found the best cosmetic formulas with 100% natural ingredients. It's finally time to share it with you!