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    L:A Bruket stands for natural and organic skin care products. Made on the west coast of Sweden, designed with the philosophy that we don't need chemicals to reinvent skin care. Wind, salt, earth, water, rocks, ice and sun are in a constant exchange: Nature in Sweden is not something you just visit, no, it is omnipresent as soon as you step outside. These harsh coastal conditions take a toll on our skin and hair, but instead of hiding from nature, we turn to it for inspiration and answers.

    Developed since 2008 L:A Bruket natural formulas for the protection and care of skin and hair. We believe that if our products are effective despite the unforgiving conditions, they have a quality to meet the requirements of any situation and place. Our visionary product development is based on in-depth knowledge of natural skin care. We at L:A Bruket are uncompromising when it comes to the purity of our formulas. Because in order to protect and care for our skin, we are only allowed to supply it with natural molecules that it can absorb and use to function better.

    Seaweed is one of the key ingredients in L:A Bruket. It is harvested every morning off the cold coast of the Kattegatt Sea between Sweden and Denmark. The seaweed is then brought ashore and dried in open-air sheds according to an old tradition. For centuries, people have harvested seaweed as a part of life in the coastal region and added it to soothing and healing baths as a remedy. Salt and seaweed are highly effective ingredients as they invigorate and care for our skin and inspire our soul. They give us a new feeling of energy and well-being through an intimate connection to the sea. "

    The founders of L:A Bruket Monica Kylen and Mats Johansson.