Hand & Foot Care


    In addition to body and face care, hand and foot care often receives a little too little attention. This is actually surprising, since the hands and feet are the parts of the body that are subjected to the most daily stress and that Hands are our personal calling card and say a lot about us. Targeted hand and foot care not only contributes to a more beautiful appearance, but also improves general well-being.

    Depending on how much your hands are used, you can choose between light, moisturizing creams or rich and restorative creams after cleaning. Valuable natural ingredients in high-quality natural cosmetic creams offer excellent care and protection for your hands. They provide intensive moisture, have an antioxidant effect and thus prevent premature skin aging and supply the skin with important nutrients.

    Natural cosmetics hand and foot creams completely dispense with harmful chemicals and are based on purely natural ingredients. Care for your stressed feet with soothing and invigorating formulas with natural oils, waxes and essential oils. Tired and stressed feet are softly cared for and revitalized. Your feet remain sandal-compatible - all year round.