Hair care products for more volume


    Hair care for more volume: Our recommendations for fine hair

    Fine hair primarily needs volume and grip. Due to its fine structure, the natural hair oil on fine hair often spreads more quickly throughout the entire hair, which causes it to look greasy more quickly. Therefore, it is important that products for fine hair are light and do not weigh down the hair. You should avoid silicones entirely, as they can form a film on the hair, prevent moisture from penetrating the hair and can make the hair look flat - but fortunately all of our products are free of silicones.

    We have put together volumizing natural cosmetic shampoos, conditioners, hair masks, hair serums and toners and styling products for you that have been specially developed for the needs of fine hair. These products contain lightweight formulations and strengthening natural active ingredients that build and add body to hair from root to tip.

    Find the optimal hair care routine for fine hair

    The ideal hair care routine for fine hair includes using a mild shampoo that gently cleanses the hair without weighing it down, as well as a light conditioner that moisturizes the hair but is not too rich. Natural ingredients such as rose water, extracts from birch leaves, neem, brown algae, ginseng, linseed and hydrolyzed wheat and rice proteins in hair care products provide fine hair with optimal moisture and strengthen it from the inside out.

    You can also use a mask or restorative treatment once or twice a week to give your hair extra body. Ideally, these products contain strengthening ingredients such as keratin, betaine and D-panthenol, which strengthen the hair and give it more volume.

    It is recommended not to wash fine hair every day to avoid putting additional strain on it. In between washes, you can use dry shampoo to absorb excess oil, refresh the hair and add volume.

    Proper styling and drying of fine hair

    It is best to use a towel made of bamboo fibers to dry your hair after washing, as conventional towels are often too coarse and can strain the hair. After washing, use styling products specifically designed for fine hair, such as volumizing gel, mousse, or scalp toner, to add body and texture to the hair. It's important not to style fine hair with too much heat, as this can cause additional stress to the hair. Therefore, avoid hot blow-drying and instead use the cool setting or let your hair air dry.

    When combing and styling fine hair, it's important to be gentle to avoid breakage. Use a fine-tooth comb or soft brush to detangle the hair. With the right care and treatment, you can give fine hair more body and volume and make it look healthy and well-groomed.

    Conclusion: Natural cosmetic products and gentle handling of fine hair for more volume

    In summary, our recommendations for hair care for fine hair offer a targeted solution for more volume and grip. By using specially formulated products with lightweight formulations and strengthening natural ingredients, you can optimally care for fine hair and add body, while these fine hair products balance sebum production and control excess oil.