face masks


    face masks

    Every skin benefits from the special care provided by face masks. The active ingredients of masks remain on the skin for a long time and therefore have the opportunity to work more intensively - to cleanse and care for it. Face masks thus offer targeted treatment and a valuable addition to your daily Skin care routine.

    Moisturizing face masks

    Hydrating face masks provide the facial skin with intensive moisture and at the same time help it to absorb and retain it well. Natural cosmetic moisturizing masks make use of the natural power of plants. High-quality masks contain valuable oils such as avocado oil, marigold oil, apricot kernel oil or evening primrose oil and plant extracts from aloe vera, chamomile, cucumber or plantain to hydrate dry skin and support the skin's ability to retain moisture. These natural ingredients nourish the skin deeply, give it a healthy glow and improve skin elasticity.

    Cleansing face masks

    Natural cosmetics face masks with natural clay, kaolin (white clay) or Activated Carbon Cleanse with a deep effect. They clean clogged pores, remove dead skin cells and clarify the skin. Enzymatic masks use the power of fruit acids (AHA/BHA) to gently exfoliate the skin, resulting in a refined skin structure and an even complexion.

    Regenerative face masks

    Regenerative face masks contain a particularly high amount of antioxidants, minerals and nutrients for effective anti-aging care. Vitamins A, B, C and E are particularly important for the body's own collagen formation and regenerative cell renewal. They are among the most effective means of fighting free radicals and protect the skin from oxidative damage. These masks promote the renewal of skin cells, reduce fine lines and wrinkles and improve skin firmness. Ingredients such as resveratrol from fermented red wine, hyaluronic acid and red ginseng also help to keep the skin youthful and vital.

    Application tips for face masks

    For optimal results, facial masks should be used regularly, about once or twice a week. Before applying the mask, the skin should be thoroughly cleansed to remove dirt and makeup and to open the pores.

    After applying regular masks in the form of pastes or gels, these should be thoroughly rinsed with water and possibly a mild cleaning gel rinsed to thoroughly remove residues. Afterwards, you can clean your skin as usual with a gentle Toner and a moisturizer.

    The residues of sheet masks do not need to be rinsed off, unlike masks in paste or gel form. After removing the sheet mask, you can gently massage the excess moisture into the skin of your face, neck and décolleté. You can then apply a moisturizer or a facial oil Apply. 

    Conclusion: Face masks as a care boost for your skin

    Face masks are a wonderful way to intensively care for the skin and give it an extra boost. Whether moisturizing, cleansing or regenerating - there is a suitable mask for every skin type and every skin need.

    Natural cosmetic face masks have the advantage that they work with natural ingredients and do not contain any synthetic additives, which makes them particularly well-tolerated and environmentally friendly. Regular use of face masks not only cares for and protects the skin, but also gives it a healthy glow and vitality.