Dag Laska founder Son Venin

Son Venin


    Son Venïn is an independent perfume manufacturer based in Oslo. Son Venïn's founder, Dag Laska, has a background in design and a great passion for perfume and sensory experiences. “Our roots lie in the Scandinavian mentality and culture. The scents range from pure and simple to opulent and complex, reflecting the brand’s Nordic roots and clear ethos.”

    We create modern and unique formulas for perfume lovers. Our perfumes range from simple compositions with 30 fragrance components to complex ones with over 70 components. We treat our perfume like a baby. They are all different and will have different lives, but they will always be part of the family. If you like the Nordic lifestyle, you will love our perfumes.

    Sure, gender is important, but what's more important is that we view people as individuals. Everyone should decide for themselves how they prefer to smell. Perfume works differently from person to person. Unisex corresponds to our Nordic way of thinking. We want to make sure you smell as good as you naturally look - regardless of gender.

    Apart from the solid perfumes, our products are vegan, cruelty-free and made without dyes. Son Venïn strives to use as few additives as possible and bases its perfumes on natural and synthetic bases. The molecule fragrances Santal Super and Ambr Super are formulated with ISO E-Super. We strive to use little plastic, produce little mixed materials and develop locally, knowing that we are not perfect but are doing everything we can to improve.