Sabao Da Costa Founder Tilo Plöger

Sabao Da Costa

Sabão da Costa means “coastal soap”. A historical term that refers to the origins of personal care in Brazil. At Sabão Da Costa / Brazil Beauty, I was guided by the idea of ​​developing and adapting natural cosmetics under extreme conditions. Because cosmetics that can withstand 40 degrees of sun and 20 degrees of cold are also particularly suitable for everyday use.

The Brazilians, and especially the Brazilian women, are known for their excellent personal hygiene. Daily, multiple cleaning and maintenance are part of the social self-image in my home country. During my many stays in different regions of Brazil, however, it struck me again and again that friends and family either freshly made their cosmetic products or, contrary to their personal beliefs, bought them from the synthetic shelf. Pure natural cosmetic brands have so far not caught on in my home country.

Why is that? Because modern natural cosmetics are not designed for extreme conditions. Many fragrances react with the skin in the great heat and strong sunlight. Allergies, skin blemishes and general intolerances develop much faster. Many European products are too heavy, do not allow the skin to breathe, are sensitive to the effects of the sun and the high environmental pollution of large cities.

So the idea arose to develop natural cosmetics that are also suitable for extreme conditions and are based on the Brazilian beauty rituals and body awareness.