Dry skin


    The skin is tight and has little sheen. Dry skin usually lacks oil and moisture. It is usually thin and fine-pored and looks a bit parchment-like. It can be brittle and easily cracked, and it itches every now and then. Due to the lack of sebum, it cannot maintain its natural protective layer and is therefore sensitive to changes in temperature and other environmental influences.

    Care for dry skin: Only use very gentle cleansers for facial cleansing, which at the same time supply the skin with moisture and oil. Very warm or hot water puts additional strain on the protective acid mantle and should therefore be avoided. After cleansing your face, apply a serum, moisturizing cream, or rich oil. In general, care products for dry skin should contain few ingredients and no synthetic dyes, fragrances or alcohol. Dry skin can also be a sign of insufficient hydration or vitamin deficiency. By the way, estimates assume that around two thirds of skin diseases in older people could be avoided with good and consistent care.

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